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Service Guarantee

YiBai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to experienced, skilled engineers as the basis, to provide our clients with a full range of technical services.

      Pre-sales technical service process: sample process sample→Provide solutions

We will provide you with a free and effective solution:

① Free sample for free;

② To determine the best structure and size of ultrasonic process;

③ Recommend the appropriate equipment to you according to the principle of optimum input-output ratio;

④ Design and make special ultrasonic equipment or automatic assembly and welding production line according to your needs. We can also enjoy the above pre-sales service when you are not sure to order our ultrasonic equipment.

Technical service flow in sales:Equipment installation and commissioning→Customer site training

① Delivery of equipment according to contract period;

② Free on-site installation and commissioning;

③ Provide professional training for operators,maintenance and management;

④ Provide technical guidance to ensure your efficient output of high quality products.

After-sales technical service process:Equipment lifetime maintenance→Customers visit regularly

① For simple failures,the technician guides the customer through the phone to exclude himself;

② For complex faults,prejudge equipment failures and make quotation to the list of customers;

③ Within 24 hours of the province,within 48 hours of the province;

All purchase of benefits 100 machinery equipment,one year free warranty,and offer a lifetime service with preferential prices.

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