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Company Profile
Foshan Benefits 100 Machinery Co., Ltd. is focus on research,development and manufacture of ultrasonic machinery for many years,and is located in Nanhai district,Foshan city,Guangdong province,China.We are a professional company in ultrasonic machines and parts manufacturing and export for many years. Our machines' main functions: cutting,welding/bonding, embossing, making patterns/holes,etc., they are widely used in lingeries, nonwovens bags, surgical gown/cap and some other fabric processing fields. With pretty appearance, reliable quality, competitive prices, and best service, our products are warm welcomed in the market. Our products have been sold to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia,Germany, Mexico, Romania,Chile, Peru, etc. In China, most of seamless bras manufacturers are using our machines for production.

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Development Path

Expand the R & D team to speed up the development in the field of ultrasound, the future will have more new products listed

In the ultrasonic welding process to achieve a new breakthrough in the automotive ultrasonic, hot melt welding machine performance is more superior

Ultrasonic lace machine in the underwear industry market share of over 80%, becoming China the strength of the ultrasonic lace machine manufacturer

Developed a "ultrasonic flower machine", "ultrasonic cutting machine" and other new products

Ultrasonic technology upgrades, access to a number of practical new design patents, the current ultrasonic power greatly improved, ultrasonic technology to give full play to the advantages

Companies in Shantou, Dongguan, Foshan and other places to set up offices, began to establish a national marketing service network

Self-developed "ultrasonic cleaner" "Ultrasonic lace machine" listing

The company successfully developed "ultrasonic mask machine" series of products

Benefits 100 Machinery Factory was founded, dedicated to research and manufacture ultrasound machine

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With the ultrasonic lace machine nose displacement structure, the bra on the bundle cut off a number of new design and practical patents and patents; Ultrasonic systems, electrical design are in line with CE certification standards;

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Foshan Yi Bai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the main ultrasonic equipment, hot plate welding equipment, ultrasonic riveting equipment, automation machinery, production lines, non-standard machine design and manufacturing.

Company Culture
  • Business philosophy

    Scientific and technological innovation, quality first

    Efficient service, integrity management

  • Purpose of service

    Select Benefits 100, effectiveness-100, satisfaction 100

  • aims

    A domestic excellent brand of ultrasonic machinery

  • mission

    For customers to maximize cost savings and improve production efficiency

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