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The ultrasonic flower wheel USES attention matters 2017/09/12

The blade pattern of ultrasonic flower wheel should be kept sharp, good, or worn or corroded. Please do not use it, lest the work is defective and the stress caused to the HORN accelerates wear. If you can remove the white paper, check whether the lines are broken or the grain is thicker to check whether the wheel is worn or not.

Please choose and use our company make the flower of wheel, and improve the machine performance, if use other brands flower round, must pay attention to its assembly interchangeability, if can't assembly, do not mandatory, so as not to damage the machine.

The pressure control of the wheel is generally determined by the following factors:

1. The complexity of the flower wheel is more complicated than the complicated grain.

2. The blade is sharp or not sharp, and the blade is less stressed.

3. The thickness of the blade, the size of the cut, the depth of the grain and the Angle of the blade are all related to the easy to remove.

4. The ultrasonic wave amplitude of the welding head (HORN) is stronger and less pressure.

5. The specification of cloth work objects, generally, NYLON (NYLON) cloth has less pressure, and the polyester (TC) cloth must be stressed.

6. The thickness of the work item and the same material, the thicker work objects should be stressed.

7. Processing speed, high pressure at high speed.

If the quality of the processed goods is poor, the operator should find out that it is the factors that cause the poor processing. Do not always adjust the pressure of the large wheel to solve the problem. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to cause accelerated wear on the surface of the welding head (HORN), and the blade of the blade accelerates the wear and reduces the life of the die wheel.

As long as the work quality is good, the less pressure adjustment is better to increase the welding head HORN and the life of the wheel.

When not in use, the wheel cylinder will be raised to reduce the chance of the wheel to be damaged or to make a soft object between the wheel and the wheel and the welding head (HORN).

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